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The course of study and syllabi for various degrees of the university shall be submitted by the respective board of studies/Board of faculties to the academic council and the syndicate for approval.Such courses and syllabi shall beome effective from the date of approval by the syndicate or such other date as the syndicate may determine.

Bachelor of Science in Electronics - Courses

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EL-301 Applied Mathematics-1 EL-302 Network Analysis
EL-303 Digital Logic Design EL-304 Quantum & Physical Electronics
EL-305 Laboratory-1 EL-306 Applied Mathematics-II
EL-307 Electronics-1 EL-308 Control Systems
EL-309 Computer Architecture EL-310 Laboratory-II
EL-311 Communication Theory EL-312 Electronics-II
EL-313 Electromagnetic Theory EL-314 Computer Programming
EL-315 Laboratory-III EL-316 Laboratory-IV
EL-317 Communication Systems EL-318 Laser and Fiber Optics
EL-319 Microprocessor Based Design EL-320 Electronics-III
EL-321 Software Engineering EL-322 Signal Processing
EL-323 Intro to Quantum Information EL-324 Digital Design Using Verilog
EL-325 Project (Non credit)

EL-611 Laser-1 EL-612 Engineering Optics
EL-621 Wave Propagation EL-622 Digital Signal Processing
EL-623 Stochastic Processes EL-625 Mathematical Methods
EL-626 Applied Probability Theory EL-631 Advanced Computing Systems
EL-641 Networks Synthesis EL-642 Chaos Stability & Control
EL-651 Microelectronics-1 EL-662 Error Correcting codes
EL-699 MPhil Dessertation EL-711 Laser-II
EL-712 Fiber Optics EL-721 Microwave Engineering
EL-721 Microwave Engineering EL-722 Digital Image Processing
EL-723 Statistical Comm. Theory EL-724 Antennas
EL-725 Advanced DSP EL-729 Information Theory
EL-731 Advanced Computer Architecture EL-732 Quantum Computing
EL-733 Operating System EL-734 Algorithms
EL-741 Computer Aided Circuit Design EL-742 Power Electronics
EL-743 Statistical Signal Processing EL-751 Microelectronics-II
EL-761 Remote Sensing EL-762 High Frequency Electromgnetics
EL-763 Numerical Electromagnetics EL-763 Quantum Information
EL-764 Cryptography EL-771 Digital Communication Systems
EL-772 Queuing Theory EL-772 High Frequency Electromagnetic

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