With the rapid growth of technology and ensuing demands of skilled professionals, Quaid-i-Azam University started/initiated MSc programme in Electronics in the year 1983. The programme was an instant success and established itself as an independent department in 1988. Due to its achievements and contributions, the department has acquired a reputation as a seat of learning in Electronics. The department started its graduate programme (MPhil and PhD) in 1991 with emphasis on Communication, Computing, Lasers and Quantum Optics, Microwave, Micro-Electronics, Semiconductors and Signal Processing. 
The department has awarded more than 800 MSc, 250 MPhil and over 20 PhD degrees. Many of the graduates have established themselves as excellent researchers and academicians. They occupy key positions in prestigious national and international institutions. This is a clear manifestation of the fact that the Department of Electronics has been providing quality education to its students, addressing the demand of skilled professionals and contributing to the welfare of the society at large. Moreover, alumni of this department are also serving in numerous national and international companies all over the world. 
The department has excellent facilities for teaching and research. There are two teaching laboratories, one computer/network laboratory with Internet access and a project laboratory. In addition, the department has the following six research laboratories: Microwave Lab, Lasers & Quantum Optics Lab, Electromagnetics Lab, Signal Processing Lab, Communication Lab, and Embedded Systems Lab. To fulfill the needs of research scholars, these laboratories are equipped with modern equipment. 
The students in the department enjoy a friendly and scholarly environment. They are encouraged to participate in various academics, sports and extra-curricular activities. The students of the department have been frequently awarded Quaid-i-Azam merit scholarships in academics and Quaid-i-Azam Champion.s trophy in sports. Furthermore, the departmental student.s society publishes a magazine covering technical and literary articles 
The curriculum for MSc is an optimal combination of theoretical concepts in Electronics and its application to real world problems. The curriculum covers the fundamentals of electronics such as, applied mathematics, circuit electronics, electromagnetic theory, system theory, communication systems, digital design, software engineering, quantum information and quantum electronics. This curriculum has been devised to meet the requirements of design and development in the industry. 
The MPhil programme is designed to facilitate research in emerging fields of electronics. The curriculum includes intensive coursework, which enables students to pursue advanced research in later stages of the programme. At present, the research activities in the department are focused in the fields of Electromagnetics, Communication, Computing, Laser, Networks, Microwave, Micro-Electronics, Quantum Optics, Semiconductors, Signal Processing, Quantum Electronics, Quantum Information and Nano Science. The faculty at the department has so far published more than 200 research papers in journals indexed in Journal Citation Reports, Thomson Reuters.



Department of Electronics
Seminar Series
Fall Semester, 2018
Seminar #1
17th October 2018
Role of Different Telecom Technologies in Today’s World
Mr. Wajeeh Anwar
EVP Technical North, PTCL 
Seminar #2
24th October 2018
Cyber Security and Emerging Technologies
Saad Moten
PTCL Islamabad 
Seminar #3
31st October 2018
Efficient Management of Rivers with Uncertain In-flows
Dr. Hasan Arshad Nasir
Assistant Professor 
Department of Electrical Engineering 
Seminar #4
7th November 2018
Efficient Ray Tracing Algorithm for Radio Wave Propagation in Urban Areas
Dr. Sajjad Hussain
Assistant Professor 
Department of Electrical Engineering 


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BS Electronics (four years)                MPhil Electronics
MSc Electronics (two years)              PhD Electronics



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