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Prerequisite qualifications: FSc (Pre-Eng) or equivalent with at least second division (45% marks).
Scheme of studies:

Duration: Eight semesters of 16 weeks each.


Old BS Scheme of Studies (Valid till Spring 19)

New BS Scheme of Studies (Starts from Fall 16)


Division of Courses Compulsory Requirements



EN-102 Functional English II IPS-101 Pakistan Studies
CS-101 Introduction to Computing CS-105 Problem Solving and Programming
PH-191 Introduction to Mechanics and Waves- Lab EL-101 Engineering Drawing


EN-102 Functional English II IS-101 OR ET-101 Islamiat (For Muslims) OR Comparative Religions (For NonMuslims)
MA-102 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II PH-103 Electricity and Magnetism
PH-193 Electricity and Magnetism-Lab CS-121 Object Oriented Programming
SS-XXX Social Science  


EN-203 Functional English III EN-101 Introduction to Electronics
CH-100 General Chemistry EL-201 Engineering Mathematics - I
EL-261 Semiconductor Electronics MA-203 Discrete Mathematics
EL-293 Introduction to Electronics Laboratory  


EL-202 Probability, Statistics and Random Variables

BY-201 Introduction to Biology

EL-211 Basic Circuit Theory

EL-281 Signals and Systems

 EL-221 Digital Logic and Computer Architecture

EL-291 Digital Logic Design Laboratory

EL-292 Basic Circuits Laboratory



EL-340 Control Systems I

EL-341 Electronics I

  EL-342 Engineering Mathematics II

EL-343 Communication Theory

 EL-344 Microcontroller Interfacing

EL-391 Communication Laboratory

EL-392 Analog Circuits Laboratory I

EL-393 Microcontroller Interfacing Laboratory


EL-350 Electronics II

EL-351 Digital Design using VHDL

EC-201 Introduction to Economics

EL-352 Engineering Electromagnetics

EL-353 Signal Processing

EL-394 Analog Circuits Laboratory II

EL-397 VHDL Laboratory



EL-400 Project-I

EL-403 Engineering Project Management

EL-404 Antennas and Wave Propagation

EL-XXX Electronics Elective– I

EL-441 Electrical Machines



EL-401 Project-II

EL-XXX EL Elective – II
EL-XXX EL Elective3– III EL-XXX EL Elective3– IIV

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